About Me

I’m James and I live in Tunbridge Wells. I have recently escaped from the Isle of Sheppey!

I was born in Harrogate General Hospital, North Yorkshire in 1986 and lived just up the road in Knaresborough for 4 years before moving “down sarf” in 1990! My accent is now neutral, it’s not Yorkshire, and it’s not Southern! I think I inherited the best of both worlds 😉

I work for a company called Comtecs in Tunbridge Wells which I really enjoy, been there 15 years now fixing computers, designing websites, installing servers and doing anything generally IT-related!

Contact Info

Twitter: @JamesH
Facebook: facebook.com/james.harland
E-mail: whatever-you-want@allmyemail.co.uk
NB: If an email actually comes through to ‘whatever-you-want’, I will assume you did not read the link correctly and will most likely treat your email as spam.

Vital Statistics

Full Name: James Harland
Birthday: 12th January 1986
Birthplace: Harrogate, North Yorkshire
Living: Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Work: Head of Technical at Comtecs in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Interests: Computers, website design, Car modification (mainly Nissans!)